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12 Tips to Write the MBA NMIMS Assignments in 2024

12 Tips to Write the MBA NMIMS Assignments in 2024

Are you pursuing an MBA from NMIMS and still searching the ways of writing assignments that how to write it, what should be format, what should be the style of presentation and what are the layout of answers and all? Then we will be discussing some essential factors that must be followed while writing the NMIMS assignments so that you can get a higher score and an explicit idea to perform well in the final examination because writing assignments is almost practising for the examination due to having similar patterns and questions. However, the questions will not be as it is, but it will be closer to the concepts. Therefore, if you work on assignments with a keen strategy, your overall preparation will be perfect, and you will be able to score the desired marks with the best performance from your side. 

Some significant factors through which NMIMS Assignments help you score better.

We are discussing some essential factors that are invariably related to the answer writing, especially for the assignments that reveal the way for the future i.e., for the final examination once you know these components briefly and implement them in your answer writing, it will undoubtedly enhance your score and your confidence in the examination as well. Some essential factors are as follows.

  • Assimilate the assignment questions appropriately.

Before starting the assignment writing, it is essential to assimilate the questions properly that what is supposed to be written by the candidate and thereafter start writing your answers. Once you assimilate the questions it will be easy for you to search them in the sources like study materials or the reference books as per the syllabus and finally, it will help you boost your confidence.

  • Draw the layout of the Assignment.

With the previous references, instructions, and written assignments you must draw the layout for the assignments and must have explicit ideas that how to start writing your answers. Generally, there are different questions varying on the numbers of words and marks, therefore, draw a perfect layout of assignments. 

  • Accomplish Your Research.

Before writing answers, the primary task is to accomplish your research related to the subjects for which you are going to write the assignments. It will impart an insight into the broader concept of the subject matter.

  • Explicitly Write the Headlines and Definitions

Since your presentation always matters and therefore write all the headlines and definitions explicitly following the appropriate words and their usage which will enhance the aesthetic aspects of your presentation.

  • Design your essay with lucid language.

Writing essays and long answers needs lucid language so that the evaluator can be impressed and put higher marks on your answer sheet. Because, unless you write the answers lucidly you can’t impress the evaluator.

  • Apply the perfect references and quotes.

While writing the answers and while using the citation you must write the reference and sources for the quotes and all. It enhances your credibility values in the mind of the evaluator and further, it will be easy for you to explain. 

  • Your presentation must be neat and clean.

Your overall presentation must be clean and perfect so that your answer sheet must appear fresh and responsive.

  • Read the answers and numbers carefully.

After drafting your answers, you need to read them as a proofreader, and you need to be assured that you have not made any mistakes in the chronology or order of the answers.

  • Try to get feedback from experts.

You can get feedback from the experts like from your seniors or teachers from your study centre that you have written the answers right and as per the questions and their patterns.

  • Initiate the assignment writing early to avoid pressure.

Time management is always essential for distance learning courses where you need to start your assignment before the deadline because once you get delayed your assignment submission can be rejected.

  • Don’t copy the answers directly or avoid plagiarism.

While writing the assignment it is essential to avoid copying the answers directly from the study material or books because plagiarised answers are always disliked by the evaluation team and therefore always avoid copying the answers from the book.

  • Strictly follow the NMIMS guidelines for assignments.

Following the guidelines from the NMIMS assignments means you must follow the rules by accepting all the aforesaid instructions and time management like submitting the assignments on time and all.


Once you assimilate the instructions and start following them in your answers you can be ensured of scoring higher marks for your examination including your assignments and final answers as well. Therefore, before writing your NMIMS Solved assignments, be sure that you have enough time to accomplish them so that you can submit them on time once you have prepared them appropriately you will get the desired marks in the final score card which is indeed the ultimate goal of all those willing to pursue MBA from NMIMS.

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