Creating a project can be really hard for remote students because companies don’t want to share their information or assist in preparing projects.

We give students a project report/summary from NMIMS in both Soft and Hard forms. The report follows the project guidelines given by NMIMS, depending on the course/specialty.

The NMIMS project report has the necessary statements from companies and university guides, which the student can easily send to NMIMS.

Project Guideline

The student pursuing post graduate diploma program shall submit one project as part of his/her fourth semester program structure. This project carries 4 credits. The project shall be from the area of specialisation of Post graduate diploma program.

Select a project where:

  • a) You have some interest and understanding of the topic.
  • b) There is a possibility to get sufficient data.
  • c) Knowing that world knows everything, try and give something new or different in your topic (Research Gap).

 A few topics in different disciplines are given below; it is just an indicative list to give you an idea as to the different kinds of projects that can be done. You can always make an academic project into a Corporate Project by doing live case studies on companies based on your project topic. For e.g. Effectiveness of Sales Promotion & Advertising in Pidilite. It is always preferable to do a live project to gain a better understanding of the topic.


  • Customer Relationship Management in XYZ company • Competition Analysis for IT sector • Effectiveness of Sales Promotion & Advertising in Insurance Companies


  • Mergers & Acquisitions in Manufacturing /Banking Industry • Future of derivatives in India • Study of growth prospects of Mutual Funds in India

Human Resources

  • 360 degree Appraisal at INFOSYS • Performance Appraisal Techniques /Methods at XYZ Company • Competency Mapping /Model at any organization

Students are free to refer to books/website but must refrain from copying the material Ad-verbatim from source or reference and paste.