SCDL EXAM PATTERN is based on compulsory core course and specializations. It is owing to the brief concept of SCDL Exam Pattern that a degree from SCDL holds much reputation in comparison to other distance learning course degrees.

Division of SCDL Exam Pattern

The SCDL Exam Pattern is divided in form of semesters wherein each semester has its specified brief course structure as well as the pattern. Coming into the details.

The First two semesters of SCDL Exam Pattern focus on core course. After clearing these semesters, the students can then choose two electives from a long list of possible specializations.

Consolidated details of the SCDL Exam Pattern specializations

There are many specializations after you clear SCDL Exam Pattern the details about the specialization can be checked from the listing we have provided:

PGDBA- Marketing, Finance, Management Accounting, HR Human Resource, Operations, CRM Customer Relationship Management, PGDSCM Supply Chain Management, PGDIB – International Business, PGDIT Information Technology, PGDB&F Banking & Finance, PGDIM Insurance Management, PGDRM Retail Management, PGDE&I Export & Import and PGDEA Educational Administration.

Basic rules involved in SCDL Exam Pattern

The SCDL Exam Pattern has a set of rules which has to be followed by every candidate then only they can clear the exam and obtained the desired degree.

You (Students) would have to achieved 50% Passing score in Exams as well as assignments, You Have to get Minimum 35/70 score in Exam and 15/30 in Assignment. One Project Report will be compulsory submitted by students according their specializations. This is the outline of the SCDL Exam Pattern under which we are here for your assistance so that you get through your exams with the achieving grades.

Over the years many students undergo SCDL Exam Pattern but it is always preferable if you are pro-actively prepared for the test. The slots of the tests are looked by the students themselves so analyze your routine and then pick your slots. Once you are ready to take the test under SCDL Exam Pattern review the question papers from previous year and prepare your own notes for the last moment revision.