SCDL Exams Pattern

These service will only become active and accessible during specific times after the release of their corresponding assignments, exams, or projects.

Online Assignments: (SCDL Assignments Pattern)

An assignment is like a test that’s used to see how much you’ve learned and how ready you are for a subject or course. It helps show what skills you’ve learned along the way. At SCDL, the online assignments are done on the computer.


You can submit assignments whenever you want during the time that your program registration is still valid for the courses or subjects you are currently taking or have taken in the past.

After answering all the questions online, the assignments are immediately declared. The marks are officially updated in the student’s login within 24-48 hours from the date the assignment appeared.

Students are only permitted to undertake computer-based assignments if they have paid the full program price and their admission status has been verified. It is believed that students are familiar with the fundamentals of computer usage, including mouse clicks, up/down scrolling, and other operations. Since the second month of the Admission year, students can attempt computer-based assignments.

Guidelines, Policies for Computer Based Assignments

Online Assignments: (SCDL Assignments Pattern)

  1. a) Assignments are objective-style computer-based assignments.
  2. b) Each assignment is worth 30 points. The required passing score is 15. The time allotted for each assignment is 40 minutes.
  3. c) The student must successfully complete each task on its own.
  4. d) Students should ONLY submit their assignments for all of their curriculum’s courses (subjects) using the Applicable Evaluation Methodology.
  5. e) After finishing and turning in the assignment, students can view their grades. The scores have been updated
  6. f) Students should submit assignments on time and make sure they have submitted all the assignments of the semester before the final exams.
  7. g) All assignments must be submitted and authorized before the registration period designated by SCDL concludes.
  8. h) Students are not permitted to submit their SCDL Online assignments when the upcoming semesters commence. The students can only turn in assignments for themselves.
  9. i) After finishing an assignment, students can see the numbers and details of the questions they tried to answer and the ones they actually answered correctly.
  10. j) Students have the opportunity to try an assignment twice for free, but if they don’t succeed, they will need to pay for additional attempts.


SCDL EXAM PATTERN is based on compulsory core course and specializations. It is owing to the brief concept of SCDL Exam Pattern that a degree from SCDL holds much reputation in comparison to other distance learning course degrees.

Division of SCDL Exam Pattern

The SCDL Exam Pattern is divided in form of semesters wherein each semester has its specified brief course structure as well as the pattern. Coming into the details.

The First two semesters of SCDL Exam Pattern focus on core course. After clearing these semesters, the students can then choose two electives from a long list of possible specializations.

Consolidated details of the SCDL Exam Pattern specializations

There are many specializations after you clear SCDL Previous  year Question papers the details about the specialization can be checked from the listing we have provided:

SCDL PGDBA 1st Sem Question Papers

PGDBA– Marketing, Finance, Management Accounting, HR Human Resource, Operations, CRM Customer Relationship Management, PGDSCM Supply Chain Management, PGDIB – International Business, PGDIT Information Technology, PGDB&F Banking & Finance, PGDIM Insurance Management, PGDRM Retail Management, PGDE&I Export & Import and PGDEA Educational Administration.

Basic rules involved in SCDL Exam Pattern

The SCDL Exam Pattern has a set of rules which has to be followed by every candidate then only they can clear the exam and obtained the desired degree.

You (Students) would have to achieve 50% passing score in Exams as well as assignments, You Have to get Minimum 35/70 score in Exam and 15/30 in Assignment. One Project Report will be compulsory submitted by students according their specializations. This is the outline of the SCDL Exam Pattern under which we are here for your assistance so that you get through your exams with the achieving grades.

Over the years many students undergo SCDL Exam Pattern but it is always preferable if you are pro-actively prepared for the test. The slots of the tests are looked by the students themselves so analyse your routine and then pick your slots. Once you are ready to take the test under SCDL Exam Pattern review the question papers from previous year and prepare your own notes for the last moment revision

Exams: Computer Based on Demand Examination (SCDL Exam Pattern)

An exam is a test that you take to show what you know or how well you can do something in a specific subject.

SCDL exams are tests that you take on a computer and a time chosen by the person who is taking the exam. Student’s convenience means making things easier or more comfortable for students.

On Demand computer based examination allows students to choose the date and time of their exam according to their own preference and convenience. A student can reserve a time by using their own Student Login.

The exam result will be announced officially within 15 working days from the day of the exam.

Guidelines and Policies for Exams
  1. Exams are computer-based and a combination of objective and subjective questions.
  2. Exams are conducted in e-proctored mode using the student’s own laptop or desktop.
  3. The exam is worth 70 marks and has a duration of 1 hour.
  4. Minimum passing marks are 35 in each course.
  5. Students must pass both the computer-based examination and assignments separately for each course.
  6. Exam fees are not included in the program fees and must be paid separately for each course.
  7. Exam fees can be paid online or by demand draft.
  8. Administrative charges may apply for other service requests related to exam fees.
  9. Exam fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  10. Exam slots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  11. If a student fails to book an exam slot or does not attempt the exam after booking, they will need to repay the exam fees to book a new slot.
  12. Students who have booked an exam slot but do not appear or fail to pass cannot reapply or attempt the exam until the results are officially declared.
  13. Students should print out their hall ticket immediately after booking slots.
  14. In the event of a force majeure, such as natural disasters or computer failures, arrangements will be made for students to reattempt the exam at no cost.
  15. Students should regularly check the website for updates regarding computer-based exams.

Project/ Research Project/ Practical/ Case Study/ Submission: (SCDL Project Pattern)

This is a task that needs to be completed for a project or research. It involves conducting a practical study or analysing a specific case. Once finished, the findings will need to be submitted.

A project is a learning activity where students can use what they have learned from different subjects and use it in a real-life situation.

This program helps students learn and develop important skills like working together, talking to others, and learning on their own. It prepares them for learning throughout their lives and for future challenges.

A project or research project.

You need to submit a practical or case study for your enrolled program before the last semester ends, following the given guidelines. The assignment or task that needs to be completed and handed in is called a project, research project, practical, or case study.

After you submit your Project/Research Project/Practical/Case Study at SCDL, it will be reviewed and your marks will be added to your student login within 30 days.

– The Project Report is an important part of the program and is meant to achieve set goals or output.

– The project must be submitted within the specified program duration.

– Guidelines for the project are released in the student login during the respective semester.

– Students must refer to the Evaluation Methodology for the applicable project component.

– There are administrative charges for submitting or resubmitting the Project Report, Case study, Submissions, or Resource file.

– Students must check for guidelines and submit the required files during the respective semester.

– In the event of failure, students can resubmit the Project Report/Case Study/Submission once for evaluation.

– Re-evaluation is possible within 8 working days after the marks are updated, with applicable fees and a filled service request form.

– Students must contact SCDL within 8 working days if there are any issues or queries regarding the marks.

– Once submitted, the hard copy of the Project Report/Case Study/Submission/Resource file will not be returned to the student.

– Students should retain one copy of the Project Report/Case Study/Submission for their own reference