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Project Report follow this component

Cover page
Title page
Table of contents
List of Tables & List of Figures
List of Symbols, Abbreviations and Nomenclature
Executive Summary
Chapters o Introduction * Project details 1. Title of the project 2. Aims and objectives of the study 3. Problem statement 4. Scope of the study 5. Significance of the study

MBA Project Topics:

Let’s now examine a range of project ideas appropriate for MBA candidates with various specialisations:

1. Marketing

  • Analysing Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Age
  • Successful Small-Business Social Media Marketing Techniques Customer Retention
  • Brand Loyalty in E-Commerce

2. Finance

  • Managing Risk in Investment Portfolios
  • Financial Evaluation of Purchases and Mergers
  • The Effect of Cryptocurrency on Conventional Banking

3. Human Resources:

  • Engagement of Employees and Organisational Performance
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Techniques Talent Management in the gig Economy

4. Management of Operations:

  • Sustainability and Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Lean Six Sigma Application in the Service Industries
  • Retail Sector Inventory Management

5. Starting a business:

  • Startup Finance Techniques and Obstacles
  • Innovation in Tech Business Models
  • Assessing Unicorn’s Success Factors

6. International Business:

  • Cross-Cultural Negotiation Strategies
  • Global Market Entry Strategies for SMEs
  • The Impact of Trade Agreements on International Business

7. Healthcare Management:

  • Healthcare Quality Improvement and Patient Satisfaction
  • Healthcare Technology Adoption and ROI
  • Healthcare Policy Analysis and Reform

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