q 1. Total ……… of the activity implies the excess of available time over its duration

Ans: float

2. It is the process of deveioping, analysis and maintaining a preliminary, approximate schedule of the overall operations of an organization:-

Aggregate planning.

3. Time study is best suited for:-

Short-cycle-repetitive jobs.

4. It is concerned with relative location of one department with another in order to facilitate material flow and processing of a product in the most efficient manner through the shortest possible distance and time:-

Plant layout.

5. Where the main purpose is to lead quality projects and work full time until they are completed?

Black belts.

6. Most likely time is denoted by:-


7. It is a designated period during which the master production schedule is frozen:-

Planning time fence.

8. This type of layout is having lower capital investment:-

Process layout.

9. While lying close to mean of the process what indicates biases in measurements, recording done without actual measurements and improper selection of samples:-

Hugging points.

10. A typical firm would master schedule the major subassemblies or modules that can be assembled to make the particular product options ordered by the customer. This type of strategy is known as:-


11. Scheduling must have workforce information regarding:-

Retrenchment, dismissals, holidays.

12. Work measurement employees techniques like:-

work sampling, standard data, time study.

13. DIT recommends small batches as they:-

allow design changes within limited loss, allows parts modification within limited loss.

14. All operations add value to the objects thereby enhancing their usefulness:-


15. In an assemble-to-order firm, a final assembly schedule is developed later when the customer orders are received:-


16. The observation in work sampling must be made at ……. intervals of time and should be spread over all hours of the study.


17. Critical path is characterized by …….. float.


18. In a combination mixed layout, the parts are assembling using ……. type of layout.


19. The……….. of rounds is essential to avoid bias in the studies.


20. Master production schedule sets the……….. of each end item to be completed in each week of a short-range planning horizon.


21. This presents the quantitative data on material flow by recording distance and frequency of movements between different pairs of departments:-

Travel chart.

22. Control charts are important statistical tool for:-

Quality control.

23. To expedite a delayed job this method can be used:-

Job splitting.

24. It refers to the manufacturing process by which materials and other resources get converted into goods and services:-

Production method.

25. Which is the most commonly used method of selecting the representative time value?

Arithmetic mean.

26. It is a graphical representation of the project:-


27. The process by which goods and services are produced is called:-


28. These are the scale plans on which the movements of an object are traced by means of a string:-

String diagrams.

29. It is a promise to deliver the product at a later date when it is more readily available:-


30. Poor location of plant can lead to:-

Competitive disadvantage, difficulty in marketing, sub-standard quality of product.

31. Work measurement studies must be preceded by method studies to simplify and standardize methods:-


32. The ……. system is ill suited to cope with large variations in demand of the products.

pond draining

33. All machines tend to …….. in performance with use over the period.


34. A multiple activity chart is made to detect……. time enforced on men and machine.


Match the following:

35. Community facilities

transport facility.

36. Proximity to market

productivity of labour.

37. Legislation and taxation

safety factor.

38. Industrial and labour attitude

fragile product.

39. In order to achieve cost economy with small lot sizes, set up time must be:-


40. What do you understand by PERT?

Project evaluation and review technique.

41. What do you understand by the selection of the job for the method study on the basis of money saving potential of the job?

Technical consideration.

42. What is the name of the document on which details of the process are recorded by the symbols and charting conventions?


43. The process of assigning workload to work center is known as:-


44. Organisation structure for production department should normally be:-


45. How should a dummy activity be represented in a network?

By dotted line.

46. TO arrive at realistic machine capacity, the theoretical capacity is multiplied by:-

Utilazation index.

47. JIT advocates the philosophy of elimination of waste from system which occurs in the following forms:-

Waste due to waiting (queues), waste due to transportation, waste due to over production.

48. Assignable variability can be traced to the specific causes (called assignable causes) whose removal brings about:-

Reduced cost, greater product uniformity, lower waste.

49. Features of cellular layout are:-

Facilities are grouped into cells, it is a type of mixed layout, uses concept of group technology.

50. The steeper the OC curve, the better is the discrimination between good and bad lots:-


51. Rating is used as a leveling factor to convert the observed time of an element into normal time:-


52. To shorten the time of the project, some of the activities on the critical path must be shortened:-


52. Proper care and storage is not an assential part of a well planned lubrication system.


53. ……….. is a technique through which it is possible to identify which of an available set of jobs to process next on an available resource.


54. Delay is indicated by ……… during recording for method study:-

letter dee

55. Work study is also called ……. and motion study.


56. …….. is expressed as total number of units needed.


Match the following:-

Eye = crack.

Tongue = sweet.

Ear = impact.

Nose = burnout.

57. It is a visual display of statistically significant changes that may occur in a process:-

Control chart.

58. The master production scheduling process is:-

Monetary inducements.

59. an activity which shows only a technological relationship is called:

Dummy activity.

60. It is a pair of chart consisting of an average chart and a range chart:-

X-R chart.

61. It concerns determination and acquisition of productive resource to ensure that their availability matches the demand:-

Capacity planning.

62. These are photographical methods and are used to trace especially those movements which are too fast for human eye to pursue:-

Cyclograph, chronocyclegraph.

63. Selection of the jobs to be studied for methods improvement by the method study practitioner is a managerial responsibility and it may be based on:-

Economic consideration, human consideration, technical consideration.

64. Typical examples of chance causes are:-

heterogeneity in the material used, temperature of the workshop.

65. Usually financial incentives are those where earnings are related to effort:-


66. All the process selection decisions need not be taken while formulating the manufacturing strategy of the firm:-


67. Statistical quality control are employed for process control:-


68. It is essential that all banks are equipped with ………. computer system.


69. Work sampling gives ………. results since workmen are not under close observation.


70. A multiple activity chart is made to detect …….. enforced on men and machine.

idle time

71. In jobbing production, the labour force is usually highly skilled and qualified who are expected to work from …………

minimum instructions

72. A change in ……… time of an activity or activities can cause a change in critical path.


Match the following:-

Capacity utilisation objective = maximizing utilization of manpower, machines

. Effective objective = producting the right kind of goods and service that customers needs.

Efficiency objective = with minimum resource inputs, maximizing output of goods and service.

Cost objective = minimizing cost of producing goods.

73. It is the designated period during which the master scheduler is allowed to make changes, but computer software is not:-

Planning time fence.

74. A physical or a psychological change in form or state of inputs is referred as:-


75. The most commonly used technique of pre-determined motion and time study is:-

Methods time measurement.

76. It is the system or a set of tools and techniques, by which products are made to comply with the specifications at minimum cost to the firm:-

Quality control.

77. Most preferred way to add value is by:-

L Reducing cost of activities in transformation process.

78. It includes activities like making of work orders, converting work orders into shop orders, preparing auxiliary orders:-

Order preparation.

79. Operational layouts, after goods have been manufactured, require to be collected back from the shops and filled so that they can be:-

Re-issued at a later date.

80. It concerns in a situation where an activity or a series of activities are to be repeated:-


81. It is the quality specified by the designer on behalf of the customer:-

Quality of design.

82. It concerns fixation of method of manufacture such that to enable shops to produce goods of the right quality at the lowest cost:-

Process planning.

83. It refers to the number of samples to be collected to construct a control chart:-

Sample population.

84. Which is a sampling inspection in which the decision to accept or reject the lot is based on inspection results of a single sample?

Single sampling plan.

85. Control charts are important statistical tool for:-

Quality control.

86. Advantages of CPA are:-

helps to exercise control by exception, enables plan to be revised in accordance with changes, identifies trouble spots often in advance and apply remedial measures.

87. External environmental comprises of activities like:-

customers, competitors, suppliers.

89. The inputs of master production scheduling are:-

customer order, forecast demand, due dated.