1. In scenario building you can think number of changes and that becomes more?


2. Fayol enumerated characteristics like mental, physical, moral, educational, technical etc.

Qualities of managers

3. To operate most of the assets need some ……. Knowledge


4. Independent employee works with

High talent and skill

5. Stability of Tenure

Avoiding turnover

6. The primary responsibility of any business is to keep business?


7. When any asset is bought the depreciation is calculated because, Its asst value is …….. over a period


8. According to minzberg when a manager is working as an entrepreneur, negotiator, resource allocator etc. he is playing role as a?

Decision maker

9. Improper and untimely availability of resources do not affect any business activity


10. Authority comes with one’s organizational position. But Power is ……. of influence at work place.

self cultivation

11. Perforance should be based on .

Efficiency with least possible cost. According to plans.

12. The mechanism should be develop to observe cost, to keep it within ……… of cot planned


13. There are people who take reactionary decisions which are considered …….. by them


14. If this communication flow is not smooth, in …….. there are chances are that feedback from the bottom will always be restrained.

Authority level

15. IN a undisturbed mental condition one can have effective listening ?


16. Decision making is the fuction where managerial ability is tested.


17. Availability of money for timely payments is one of the finance departments function, which is depend upon

sales recovery, credit terms, and relations with bankers.

18. The word revolution is used to indicate a sudden change while the word evolution suggests incremental change gradually


19. Under the Income Tax Act, Shop Establishment Act etc. a sole proprietor has to declare himself as

Ans. Owner

20. It is said that material staff should be technical people, because they require knowledge to read drawings and specifications.


21. For long run we can forecast the things, but action cannot be


22. These are some types of group decisions?

Meeting, quality circles.

23. We should plan as far as we think to make our future?


24. it is said that people feel satisfied, they have ___________.

Job satisfaction

25. Things like material, manpower, money, machinery, information etc are used as?


26. Physical orientation of work has not been a part of managerial work.


27. Department in which quality is checked with inspecting first job is:-

Quality assurance.

28. When certain function like finance, marketing, human resources, etc. etc. are accepted as a specialized functional area of management, is called as:-

Specialised management.

29. Which ability of an employee help to apply his knowledge and skill for his employment?


30. When managers feel need to know more about business environment and produce new products accordingly, they try to obtain:-


31. Owners working as managers are supposed to:-

To look after day to day routine.

32. When knowledge is applied to utilize skills, is known as:-


33. When do we realize the importance of resource?

When there is short supply of it.

34. There are three main authorities described:-

Functional, line, staff.

35. maintaining equipments and other facilities regularly is necessary to avoid:-

last minute failure, time loss.

36. Staff in the information technology section should posses both type of knpwlegde:-

Software, hardware.

37. Work ethics responds to both environments:-

Internal, external.

38. If the customers do not exist there would no purpose in organizing the business:-


39. Some business houses encourage their own people to undertake independent activities and give them a chance to form business:-


40. In the past many business organizations use to follow ……… level management.


41. When an organization is recognized by a society it helps to ……. confusion in social working.


42. Full form of SWOT analysis is strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and ……..


43. business is environmentally dependent upon external factors, so it has to be:-


44. Producing product or service as per the proposed design is hall mark of which department:-

Operations department.

45. To make a career, just knowledge and skill is not enough, one should have:-

Work experience.

46. To achieve the objectives management must work as a:-


47. Because money has characteristic of liquidity it can use to measure and draw conclusions about:-


48. The nature of competition even changes within:-


49. Business management has to worry about its:-

Liquidity, profitability.

50. Productivity depends upon:-

Economic utilization of resources, desired output.

51. For what whole supply chain has to be conscious, so that product could establish in a competitive market:-

Quality, proper price.

52. Work ethics responds to both environments:-

External, internal.

53. It is said that, with producing products one also produces …….. to do business.


54. The …….. has ability to co-ordinate all activities to run any business smoothly.


55. If a management take the changes within its stride it can be treated as a ……..


56. R & D department involves extensive knowledge collection and its ………


57. Business is a goods and services for ……..


58. One forms value based work habits to develop personal discipline in order to find out:-

Imbalance in situations.

59. As physically activity is essential for physical fitness, for keeping mentally alert, one has to:-

Take good sleep.

60. the principle of system states that combined strength of people coming together is more than their individual strength counted together. This is known as:-


61. The team spirit is indicative of purposeful:-

Emotional ties.

62. sales administration is characterized by:-

more field orientation.

63. Sales promotion activity includes:-

developing displays.

64. Public administration is known for:-

Power with public ownership to decide policy.

65. Politics in organization arise out of effort to find way through other people for:-

Survival and growth.

66. Man can be motivated by:-

job enrichment, proper job designing, participation in decision and action.

67. Needs have been classified hierarchically as:-

Higher order needs, physiological needs, social affiliation needs.

68. Tools that can help to organize are:-

Organisation manual, organization chart, position description.

69. The work strain can arise due to:-

Frequent situational changes, time deadlines, dependence on team speed.

70. Every decision must have an action value.


71. Business and management are purposeful activities and planning is essential for its successful implementation.


72. Communication system must include method of feedback.


73. In practice, when unity of command is modifies to make it answerable, to move than one person, it is said to be ………


74. ……. controls aspects of control has not been thought of as planned effort by the managers.


75. The promotion of a person should be more in the interest of the …….. development than personal development.


76. The environment around …… is called work ethos.


77. For easy process of work, activities which are related are grouped together and called …….


Match the following:-

78. Business is in its downward phase

lack of business growth.

79. The owner is not sufficiently interested

lack of leadership.

80. People are not encouraged to take decision

lack of delegation of power.

81. Too many differences in running business

lack of conflict resolution.