1. Demographic variables commonly used for segment are.

Age and stage of life cycle; Gender; marital status.

2. A push strategy is a must for high involvement products.


3. This concept is extremely useful when devising a pricing and value communication strategy.

Market segmentation

4. The conditions under which the market penetration pricing strategy may work are?

product is not truly innovative, upgrade version of an existing product, large proved market for the product and several competitors are waiting in the wings to launch their versions of the product.

5. Temps

part time employees

6. Physical evidence

External signanes

7. When the brands need to be repositioned it is not necessary for marketing mix elements to undergo a change.


8. Decision to buy a component

Decision maker

9. Gives an idea of a product or service Initiator Need of extensive education & assistance

Extensive problem solving

10. Pester power


11. Push Strategy

Me too Products

12. Channel conflict

Inequitable relationship

13. Pull strategy

Differentiated image products

14. Channel power

Control behaviour of channel members

15. Automobile manufacturer

degree of globalization

16. Oil, steel, cement


17. Monopolistic competence

FMCG Product


18. Markets by locations, regions, city size and climatic conditions

Geographic segementation

19. Commodities markets are examples of ……….

pure competition.

20. Adoption

The consumer decides to acquire the innovation and make regular use of the product.

21. The external environment of an organization can be analyzed by conducting a P.E.S.T analysis Core competence does not diminish with use.


22. It is the driving force within individuals that impels them to action


23. The goal of ……………….. is to better understand the threats and opportunities created by the variables and how strategic plans need to be adjusted so the firm can-obtain and retain competitive advantage

environmental scanning

24. It is attitudes toward right and wrong.


25. It is possible that thebrand may have gone into decline even though the product category is in the growth phase.


26. consolidation is brought about by ……..


27. Various survey and statistical techniques are

multi dimensional scaling,factor analysis,conjoint analysis

28. Which of the following Is the level at which the products primary characteristics operate

Performance Quality

29. ……….. it is the art of asking consumers if they would like to receive a targeted e-mail ad, promotion or message before it appears in their inbox.

‘permission marketing’

30. Factors stated can be used as checks to understand the price competitiveness of the industry are.

cost structure, product perish ability, number and diversity of competitor

31. business cycle indirectly influences consumer spending


32. To the customer, everything that a company, promises, does and does not do is the product.


33. …….. include a detailed operational review of each functional area

Performance Analyses

34. it involves falsifying a part of the question or the entire questionnaire


35. demand is when there is a substantial change in the quantity demanded resulting from a price increase or decrease


36. The three components of a products positioning strategy are.

The target market.
The benefit to be communicated.
Point of differentiation vis-a-vis competitors.

37. which of the following means performing or having control over the performance of many activities related to an existing product, inhouse

integrative vertical growth

38. Marketer needs to think through five different levels of the product


39. the prevailing way of doing business with consumers was through ………

mass marketing

40. the is the most critical to achieving the company’s strategic goals.


41. intrinsic qualities of an individual are

motivations, personality, perceptions

42. A ……. is an external stimulus that directs consumer drives towards specific products, when they are consistent with consumer expectations.


43. When a consumer purchases a product for the first time and buys a small quantity, this purchase is called


44. The basic objective of ……….. research is to provide insights and understanding


45. It is The degree to which potential consumers feel a new product is consistent with their needs, values and practices


46. Niche markets are very profitable segments despite their size.


47. Brands serve to reduce the risks in product decisions.


48. If the service is not delivered right the first time then companies must provide for effective service ……….


49. What are the stages in new product development?

Idea screening , Market testing , Commercialisation

50. Between the two levels of market minimum and market potential exists the opportunity for the company to stimulate the market demand


51. Intensive distribution is a type of distribution aimed at maximum market coverage


52. It is a measure of the leverage between a firm’s sales volume and its profit

percentage contribution margin

53. Market Research specific to marketing communications is a vital element of developing a communications plan.


54. This means that services are simultaneously produced and consumed and cannot be inventoried


55. …….. are new product offerings in existing categories

New product lines

56. which of the following refers to the degree to which a new product is capable of being tried on a limited basis


57. What are the different types of Vertical Marketing Systems

Corporate, b) Administered, c) Contractual

58. Major reason for success for new product is ……… Product


59. The trend of Non-Branch-Service Delivery in banking started with the growing popularity of ……….

electronic fund transfer


geographic, demographic, psychological

61. Psychology

study of an individual

62. social psychology

study of how an individual operates in groups

63. anthropology

influence of society on groups

64. sociology

study of groups

Personal Selling is direct personal contact between a sales representative and one or more prospective buyers, to influence the buyer in a purchase situation

65. ……….. can thus also be molded or influenced by marketers through repetitive exposure.


66. mass marketing has still its relevance in underdeveloped and developing economies


67. It is a narrowly defined group of customers seeking a highly distinctive and unique solution


68. following are the types of conclusive research

survey research, behavioural data, experimental

69. Market with significant market share are called ………. Market


70. In this stage The consumer is stimulated to seek information about the innovation


71. ……… is a service firm sponsored retailer franchise


72. Nokia alliance with hcl infosystems is an example of

Horizontal Marketing Systems

73. the challenges that companies face in the early growth stage are different from the challenges that companies face in the latter part of the growth stage


74. Related ……… means an entry into product markets, where there are synergies With existing businesses


75. Two countries with the same per capita income levels may have dramatically different distributions of income


76. personal selling positions the brand at the desired slot in the consumer’s mind


77. ………. are usually higher estimates of sales forecasts

Sales targets

78. characteristics of conclusive research are

formal, structure

79. It is only companies that aim to achieve a strategic position in the industry that can create sustainable product differentiation