1. What will the essential features of an organisation educational institude would be

2. Sensitivity training in ……….. is a method of changing behaviour through group processes.

Encounter groups

3. Widely used method in small organization

Job Ranking

4. Scope of application, Introduction of job evaluation system, contribution of trade unions of job evaluation

Steps involved in job evaluation

5. Increases the responsibility, autonomy and control

job enrichment

6. Expands the number of related in the job

Job enlargement

7. Difficulty in time keeping

Problem of flexitime

8. Increasing concern of employees for better social status

Has lead to career groups

9. Self-discplined & committed employees essential

Flexitime & flexi work

10. Quarter moon lighting

Part time job during off hours

11. A candidate immediately after completing his school/college education joins an organisation in Higher level position


12. One part of the Interview method was devoted to determine the objectives to be achieved in training activities.


13. which organized group of employees is directly concerned with job evolution

trade union

14. Self Questionnaires is to be filled by the:-


15. Name the technique used by the point system and factor comparison system to list the job:-


16. What is the concept of groups of employees working towards different goals with little knowledge of other functions or understanding of overall goals of the organization?


17. What is it that is treated as a soul of the HR function?


18. What was one of the corporate core programmes of the management development committee as given in the illustration by the author?

Personal effectiveness.

19. TISCO is one Indian organization which, historically, has taken the lead in following a proactive approach to progressive personnel policies. In which year did TISCO induce an eight hour workday?


20. TQM requires managers to:-

Produce solutions.

21. Minimisation of causes of alienation, lack of belongingness & loyalty, etc. are the objective of:-

Consumer participation.

22. For each question in the questionnaire, the participant gets a score for:-

Colleague’s score, subordinate’s score,Himself.

23. Name the process of 360 degree appraisal which can be broken into three stages or levels?

Result, planning, implementation.

24. Name the dimensions identified by preffer seem to characterize most not all of the system-producing profits through people:-

Self-managed team, Selecting hiring of new personnel, decentralization of decision-making.

25. Politician as the custodian of the nation has the responsibility to protect the interest of all the parties evolved in the process of organization.


26. Permanent transfer is to rectify wrong placement:-


27. Collecting bargaining is an institutional process for solving problems arising directly out of employee:-


28. Good HR practices have tremendous influence on business outcomes:-


29. After the world war 11, made in japan became a synonym for shoddy goods, but the TQM concept put it on the map:-


30. The role is to ensure that deserving managers should get appropriate opportunities for job rotation:-


31. should reinforce positive behavior.


32. Participants are given two questionnaire one for and the second for others.


33. Education is one of the most cost effective methods of the applications.


34. M.M. Khan defines HRD as the process of increasing knowledge, capabilities and of all people working at all levels in a business undertaking.

positive work attitude

Match the following:-

35. Need for HRD audit

It attempts to find out the future HRD needs of the company after assessing the current HRD activities .

36. Role of HRD audit in business improvement

It helps in change in the styles of the top management.

37. Limitation of HRD audit

It does not give evaluation of individuals but focuses on unit and systems.

38. Definition of HRD audit

It is a comprehensive evaluation of the current HRD strategies structure, system styles and skills in the.

Match the following:-

39. Educational institutes established by organizations expensive

requirement of funds from university grants commission (UGC)

40. Educational institutes may not be economically unviable

Size of most organizations do not permit such a setup.

41. Suggestions & advice by unions should be in good faith & spirit

Prerequisites for participation.

42. Institutional process for solving problems= Collective bargaining.

43. When individual job description and grade descriptions do not match well, the evaluators classify the job using which kind of judgement?


44. Within the Hawlet Packard (HP) entity, how did BPR institutionalize itself to answer queries related HR benefits, such as medical retirement and stock plans. Name the system.

Telephone activated benefits system(TABS).

45. Who is interested in getting best possible performance from his employee?


46. Specification of skills, knowledge and qualities to perform job is known as:


Job specification.

47. In an employees organization the flow of decisions from the president from the president/secretary & craft/unit level union flow to:-

General body of members of employees organizations.

48. When the subordinate remains in close touch and acquires the knowledge and skill through observation and practice under the overall guidance of the manager it is essentially known as:-

Understudy technique.

49. What should be the nature of feedback so that the subordinate develops an ability to accept & act upon the feedback?


50. What is concerned with developing a pool of candidates in line with the human resources plan?


51. What is it that includes several grades with each grade containing a minimum salary?

Pay structures.

52. How many numbers of phases make up the process of the feedback?


53. The main contribution of HRD audit is to focus on:-

Value added HRD.

54. The performance appraisal system can be used to asses areas relating to:-

Performance appraisal, career plans & new system introduction.

55. Under the techniques of job evaluation, which is the method that is used at least?

Point system.

56. Name the different types of compensations:-

Commissions, stock options, overtime pay.

57. What kind of people in the organization take feedback seriously and try to benefit from the same?

The candidate who is desirous of knowing himself through the eyes of others, The candidate who has an attitude for healthy competition, The candidate who is desirous to be better.

58. List the measure to overcome the HRD problems in India:-

Government to take steps to alleviate poverty, people to practice religious tolerance, government to take steps to accelerate economic development.

59. What are the factors necessary for effective counseling?

Openness, confidence, development.

60. Some problems are inherent in the performance appraisal system, such as:-

Central tendency, First impression, Discrimination.

61. What includes under the organization effectiveness directed interventions?

Quality enhancing, TQM efforts, Flat structures.

62. It is technology who can provide competitive advantages to corporations:-


63. The problem of the flexitime would be solving the problem of supervision:-


64. HRM is responsible for getting the best people, training them and providing mechanism to ensure that these employees maintain their productive affiliation with the organization:-